Rhythm Shuffle 2019 - 11th Anniversary!

September 2019 marks Swing Buffalo’s ELEVENTH annual swing dance workshop! Our goal is to be one of the most fun, most awesome packed, most affordable Balboa events in the region. Just when you've finally worked through what you learned at All Balboa Weekend and are getting hungry for new things to show off at next year's ABW, we bring you six international superstars to keep your love for Balboa burning.

This year we're super excited to announce that - not only are we bringing Nick Williams, Sylvia Sykes, Kate Hedin, David Rehm back - we're also bringing in Brittany Armstrong Morton and Luis Arredondo! It's a rockstar lineup that will get you up close and pure-bal-personal with your favorite Balboa instructors.

By signing up, you will enjoy a weekend of fantastic classes in one of four separate tracks, individual instruction from some of the best Balboa instructors in the world, live music, guest DJs, competitions, vintage fashion fun, free housing, Buffalo's signature welcoming style, and so much more.

Each year, our workshop gets bigger and better - and it's largely because of you. Swing Buffalo, as a community organization, works hard to provide the best experience possible at an affordable price. Every year, you have given us feedback and we have listened. This year, we cannot wait for you to attend what will hands down be the best Rhythm Shuffle we've ever hosted.

As a community, we work hard all year to make this event something we can all be proud to participate in. We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our returning dancers who have helped build Rhythm Shuffle's amazing history, as well as to all of the new dancers who are part of Rhythm Shuffle's exciting future!

See you in September!

–The Rhythm Shuffle Team